Types Of Commonly Available Toddler Play Sets

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Toddler play sets are available in a number of designs, shapes and colours. They vary by size, functionality and the number of available features. The most common ones are the basic version with nothing but a few bars that can be constructed into a small structure for toddlers to play in. They are also classified depending on what age range they are suitable for. Usually, there are three different categories available. The one for the youngest range is for toddlers aged one and under. They have to her safety mechanisms and few advanced features. The next category is for toddlers aged anywhere between twelve to fifteen months of age. They usually have more advanced features while retaining the conventional safety mechanisms. The one for the oldest age group are for children over fifteen months of age. They have the most advanced features aimed at helping the rapid development of toddlers at that age.

Toddler play sets first became popular in urban households. They eventually rose in popularity seeing their utility and became widespread among a wide range of demographics. Now the purchasers of toddler play sets for sale belong to every demographic and social class. They are no longer exclusive to affluent and upper middle class families. One of the reasons for their popularity is the increase in shared media such as TV and cable. Another reason is the cost efficiency obtained by the new production processes that have reduced the cost of the components to a fraction of what it used to be.

The most common toddler play set involves a structure made as a miniature house or castle and has enough space for two to three children to play in it. Larger structures with more space are also available but they are not common and cost more. The structure itself might be made of metal, plastic or wood. Plastic is the most common choice these days. This is because plastic is cost efficient. Also because plastic can be moulded into more shores.

A plastic toddler play set costs about five times less than one made of steel or another metal. Similarly, it is also cheaper than. A wooden play set. A plastic toddler play set is also resistant to water and other such contaminants. It is water proof and this causes it’s useful life to be substantially extended. Wooden sets have a better aesthetic appeal and look better. But they also have many drawbacks. They are heavier and harder to transport. In most cases, they are fixed and can not be moved from mine place to another. Toddler play sets originally used to be of wood but the concerns regarding their sustainability has led them to being banned in most places. Plastic sets have become a popular alternative with metallic ones being common too.