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Majority of the times customers who go for the jewellery remodelling has a completely different expectations when they walk in the jewellery store in springfield lakes as opposed to when they walk out. The reason for this is that jewellery remodelling is not as simple as it may seem, the fact that the jewellery is old and has been in existence from a long time has a lot to tell and not anyone can read it but the jeweller. Therefore, it is better to know these facts before you go for the jewellery remodelling so that you are prepared. Some of these are discussed below.

Mistaken gemstones:

Most of the times, when people have really old jewellery artifact which they do not know the origin of, it is very common that the gemstones are mistaken and it is highly likely that at some point the diamond in the ring was lost and then it was replaced by the white sapphire which has the same look and feel but is very cost effective and it is also possible that the current owner is not aware of this and when they go to the jewellery shop and claim the stone to be diamond but in reality it is not.

Metal contamination:

When the jewel has been made from a long time and has been used, it is highly likely that the stone in it this is contaminated by the metal used in the frame by constant rub over and this does not just happen in old pieces but could also happen in new pieces due to wrong structure or setting. In this case, the price of the gemstone is also reduced from its actual price because it does not remain pure.

Excessive use of solder:

Sometimes when the jewel has been to repair shop too many times or if it has been to some inexperienced jeweller, it has the solder to join the pieces or repair these. In a very rare case, the use of solder may be inevitable but most of the times there are better solutions and solder just not destroy the look of the piece but also reduces the price and value of it.

White gold instead of platinum:

Platinum is a high demand and high-priced jewellery and therefore, when an artifact of platinum gets damaged, it is often repaired with white gold which is even worse because there is no such thing as white gold but white gold is usually coloured to overcome the cost of repairing by platinum. So, during a jewellery remodelling since there is impurity in the platinum therefore, the price will fluctuate.Please visit www.jewellerydownunder.com for more information.

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