Constructing any building is not an easy feat. Any constructed building is the complex mixtures of designing, planning, engineering and building materials. There are hundreds of different building materials are used in building, depending upon its size, type and utility. Usually, the building materials differ as per the stage of the construction and most of the building material remains the same in all type of buildings. The building supplies in North Tamborine as per the construction phase is;

Piling and Foundation

This is the most critical part of any structure. The piling and foundation have to bear the weight of all structure and stronger the foundation, the longer the life of the building. The prime materials that are used in piling and foundations are steel and concrete. The steel can be of different sizes and gauges. The concrete is mixed of different components like;

  • Cement
  • Crush
  • Sand

All these components are mixed to create a composite that will be poured along with steel reinforcement. This combination of steel and concrete will give the ultimate strength to the structure. There other materials that are also used at this phase like anti-termite, water stopper, pipes and adhesives.

Ground Up Level

After the foundation, the primary structure of the building will be raised to its planned height. Here again, the most used material will be again steel and concrete. Here the pillars or column, which have to support the weight of the building will be filled with reinforced steel and concrete. At this phase, the other important building material is the plumbing and electrical items. They also run throughout the building. The plumbing material may consist of pipes, valves and other accessories. Same is the case with electrical items, that consists of cables, wires and ducts? The maximum construction material will be used during this phase of construction. 


The most time and labour intensive is the finishing of the building. The finishing of the building uses hundreds of different materials that can range from windows, glass, tiles or paint supplies in North Tamborine. Usually, the type of these material depends upon the design of the building. Also, the purpose for which the building is made. The variety of the material used at this phase is quite complex and everything will be fitted as per building design need.

Take Away

The selection of the building material is a challenging task. There is a long list of types, sizes and make, that any novice will never be able to make the right decision. To select the building materials, one should be qualified and professional in the material sciences. Also, should know their right application. The sourcing for building material is also critical and proper procurement procedure should be defined for acquisition all such materials. The testing and quality check for all the building material also crucial for their right performance of the materials.